We are a very strong team from trainees to veterans. We share new knowledge coming from the youngsters, especially in high technology, and an old chap such as me may offer some experience from having been many years at sea and operating subsea. This is quite an efficient way to work.
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Jean Pierre ScottoROV Supervisor

Working for DOS is really fascinating. Each rotation is different from the previous one; each project is a new challenge. Since I started in DOS I have never stopped learning new skills in various domains. I like working with DOS’s experienced people and sharing with them knowledge. Operating sonar and ROV in very deep sea conditions as we are doing is unique.
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Claire SamuelData Manager

My mission here is to pilot the 6000m depth – rated ROV for seabed or debris surveys, shipwreck identifications and even salvage of shipwreck cargo. Working with the expert DOS team on one of the best sonars in the world to find wrecks in the abyss is for me fascinating.
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Cyril FuchsROV Pilot

Imagine a towed sonar 8000m behind you, flying 150m above the seabed with a positioning accuracy to within just a few meters, seeking out a wreck on her final resting place at 5800m depth and to re-discover her history a few decades after her loss. Imagine this and you will understand what my job is: Fascinating and exciting…

François MacéSuperintendent

DOS keeps on pushing equipment limits forward, designing new tools and procedures, multiplying partnerships and entering into special developments with subsea manufacturers. This permanent and challenging atmosphere is very motivating for all of us.
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Jérémie MorizetProject Engineer